Staff at The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources is dedicated to working to build a healthy Bergen County. Their seamless teamwork ensures that our programs and services are of the highest quality whether it is responding to a caller's need for referral information, teaching parents how to talk with their children about alcohol and drugs, or providing information at a community health fair.

Ellen Elias, MA, CPS
Sr. VP Prevention and Community Services
Children's Aid and Family Services

(201) 740-7112

Samantha Harries

(201) 740-7109

Shelley Stuart, CHES
Coalition Supervisor

(201) 740-7097

Stephanie Drag, MA,LAC
Program Supervisor

(201) 740-7096

Elaine Cordova, LSW
Recovery Support Services Supervisor

(201) 740-7150

Chanel Dupree
Administrative Assistant

(201) 740-7069

Shyra Aultmon
Prevention Specialist

(201) 740-7148

Marigrace Flynn
Prevention Specialist

(201) 740-7098

Emilija Gligoroska
Prevention Specialist

(201) 740-7110

Katie Lupardi
Prevention Specialist

(201) 740-7095

Lissette Mercado, CHES
Prevention Specialist

(201) 740-7083

Jessica Moreno
Prevention Specialist

(201) 740-7099

Kate O'Connor, MPH
Prevention Specialist

(201) 740-7081

Lannie Jaconia, CSSW
EPIC Parenting Education and Support Program

(201) 740-7110