Coping with Work and Family Stress
Coping with Work and Family Stress is a program designed to teach employees 18 years and older how to deal with stressors at work and at home through behavioral, social and cognitive strategies. This evidence-based program is a model program from Yale University. It is an interactive presentation based on group participation. The program is a 16-week program, however, it can be adapted to an 8-week program, each session is 2 hours. If you are interested in more information or would like to register for this program please contact Chanel Dupree at (201) 740-7069 or

Employee Assistance Program
The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to Employers in Bergen County. Currently, Bergen County Utility Authority utilizes The Center’s EAP. This program provides employees and their families with confidential, professional counseling when a personal or emotional problem becomes more than you can handle alone. No matter how difficult the problem seems, the EAP counselor is clinically qualified and licensed to assist the employee. Problems can range from family conflicts to alcohol and substance abuse to managing stress, depression and grief. The EAP counselor assess the employees problem, develops a plan to resolve it, refer you to sources of help, and assist with the coordinaton of the services you receive. If your business or agency would like to offer the Employee Assistance Program or would like more information, please contact Ellen Elias as (201) 740-7112 or

Workplace Policy Training
Healthy employees mean a healthier and safer workplace. Many companies and agencies have recognized the need for an Alcohol – and Drug – Free Workplace initiative that provides substance abuse treatment, employee assistance and wellness programs for their employees. A drug-free workplace contributes to: happier, safer employees; decreased insurance costs; better performance; better profits; increased productivity; and fewer worries overall.

Why have a drug-free workplace?
• 76% of illegal drug users are employed either full or part time
• Alcohol is the most widely used substance among working adults, especially men
• Alcohol and other drug use can lead to unsafe sexual behaviors that result in getting the HIV virus or other sexually transmitted diseases
• Marijuana can cause people to lose interest in hobbies, work, friends, and family; it can cause loss of drive and motivation
• Because people who use marijuana don’t react as fast on-the-job accidents are more likely to occur

How can you, as the employer help your troubled employee?
If you ignore, excuse, or cover a user’s behavior while drinking or using drugs, you are really just helping the user put off facing the problem – that the drinking or other drug use has become more important than the person’s job or family.
If someone you know shows signs of alcohol or drug abuse, you may want to help. A Drug-Free Workplace Program will give your employees a chance to get help if they have a problem with alcohol or other drugs or if you just want to help a co-worker or family member who is in trouble.

If you would like more information on Workplace Policy Training please contact Ellen Elias at (201) 740-7112 or

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