Communities Mobilizing for Change in Alcohol


Communities Mobilizing for Change in Alcohol

Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol is a youth-led community movement with a mission is to develop youth and adult partnerships to impact public policy and change community norms that encourage early and sustained alcohol use. CMCA is a community-based program designed to reduce teens’ (13 to 18 years of age) access to alcohol by changing community policies and practices. CMCA seeks both to limit youths’ access to alcohol by eliminating illegal alcohol sales to minors and preventing the provision of alcohol to youth in the community and for the community to communicate a unified and clear message about underage drinking being inappropriate and unacceptable.

Working with local governmental bodies, academic institutions, police, and youth serving organizations, CMCA members employ a range of social-organizing techniques to address legal, institutional, social, and health issues related to underage drinking.

Currently, CMCA groups exist in the communities of Hackensack and Garfield, SOAR (Steering Out Alcohol Responsibly) and EPIC (Empower Peers & Inspire Change) respectively. Both CMCA groups meet weekly and participate in events they planned throughout the months.

The youth would like to increase their visibility in the towns they live. If you are a community leader in Hackensack and Garfield and that would like to learn more information or are interested in being a member of CMCA, contact:

• Jamie England at (201) 740-7099 or

You can check both groups out on Facebook by clicking here:

Hackensack SOAR

Garfield EPIC