Forest Friends


Forest Friends (Grades 1-2)

Forest Friends is a puppet-based primary prevention program designed to help children in first and second grade learn skills in conflict resolution, decision-making and anger management. Like the trees in the forest, children need strong roots to grow straight and strong. Forest Friends equips children with the skills to develop strong roots while discovering their inner strength and beauty. Forest Friends is designed to equip children with the coping skills they will need to enable them to grow up resilient to the risks of violence and substance abuse.

Each story featured in the program helps children recognize common reactions to life situations. These youngsters are then given alternative methods to manage anger, disappointment, peer pressure, and confrontational conflicts.

The program is presented weekly in 45 minute sessions for six weeks, with each week’s session building on the lessons learned in previous ones. Each session concludes with students learning a new verse of the Forest Friends song, so that by the end of the 6-weeks, they know a song that reminds them of the lessons learned in the program.

Forest Friends

• Reaches children while their health related attitude and beliefs are in the formative stage
• Increases the interpersonal and developmental skills of children
• Educates young children in an intriguing and inspirational manner about issues pertinent to their emotional growth
• Provides children with lovable role models after which they can pattern themselves.

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