Keys to Innervisions (KIV) (Grades 8-12)


Keys to Innervisions (KIV) (Grades 8-12)

Keys to Innervisions (KIV) is an educational curriculum about change, specifically changing the beliefs and behaviors that lead to violence, drug abuse/dependency, criminal behavior, school and social failure. In order for anyone to make lasting and meaningful changes in behavior, they must want to change. For change to happen, five fundamental ingredients are necessary.

1. They must believe that change is possible for them.
2. They must know how to change.
3. They must know what to change.
4. They must be able to practice changing.
5. They must have support from significant people.

KIV’s 8- session curriculum is designed to help students in grades 8 through 12 understand the power that their thinking has on their self-concept and their behavior. The lessons are designed to teach specific step-by-step, easy to learn and use skills for making significant changes.

Keys to Innervisions addresses the needs of all populations, especially those at-risk that need specific guidelines on where change should start and what to do first. KIV focuses on these critical issues: personal accountability, decision-making, substance use and abuse, criminal behavior, school and learning issues, family issues, emotional balance, personal values, and skills for transitions.

KIV promotes the belief that change is not only possible, but also accessible to all. The program runs for a series of six sessions of approximately 45 minutes.

If you are interested in more information or would like to bring this program to your school, group or community, please contact Shyra Aultmon at (201) 740-7148 or