Making Better Choices (Grade 4-5)


Making Better Choices (Grades 4-5)

Making Better Choices is a single session (45 minutes) program designed to help fourth and fifth grade students develop skills to resist negative peer pressure. The students are introduced to a real peer pressure situation in a video and then asked to brainstorm other real situations in which they might find themselves. In groups of four or five, the students follow a four-step process to create their own ‘real-life’ situation that will help them identify if there is trouble, say no to their friends, explain why, and suggest something positive for them to do together. In these groups the students then role-play their skit in front of the class.

This program is based on the Social Development Strategy which focuses on building protective factors in young people, such as healthy beliefs and clear standards, bonding, and individual characteristics that all work together to reduce risks and promote positive youth development.

If you are interested in more information or would like to organize a group for this program in your community, please contact Marigrace Flynn at (201) 740-7098 or