Natural High (Grades 6-8)


Natural High (Grades 6-8)

Natural High 4 is a positive, relevant, and fast–moving film that features real stories and footage from six high-profile athletes and performers who have made the decision to stay true to themselves, pursue their natural high and live drug free. Each individual discusses their passion to pursue a natural high. They address the pressures they have felt to use substances and the different reasons why they chose not to and how they were able to do so.

This film will:

  • Introduce youth to the concept of a natural high and the positive benefits of living drug free.

  • Provide students with the opportunity to identify their own natural high and develop skills around decision-making, goal setting and critical thinking.

  • Provide educators with information and relevant, youth-centered tools to open up and facilitate a meaningful dialogue with students about the consequences of drug and alcohol use and the benefits of staying true to themselves and pursuing a natural high.

    Session Length: one session of 45 minutes.

    If you are interested in more information or would like to bring this program to your school, group, or community, please contact Marigrace Flynn at (201) 740-7098 or