Steps to Respect (Grades 6-7)


Steps to Respect (Grades 6-7)

The research-based Steps to Respect program uses interactive lessons and role-playing to teach elementary students to recognize, refuse, and report bullying, how to be assertive not aggressive, and how to build friendships. A recent study found that the Steps to Respect program led to a 31 percent decline in bullying and a 70 percent cut in destructive bystander behavior.

Steps to Respect lessons can help kids feel safe and supported by the adults around them so that they can build stronger bonds to family, school and community allowing them to focus on academic achievement. Students will learn skills that are modeled with role-play activities, age appropriate realistic scenarios lead to solution discussion and interactive lessons.

Sessions: 6 sessions of 45 minutes

Risk factors addressed: Social functioning, violence, bullying

If you are interested in more information or would like to schedule this program for your group or school please contact Marigrace Flynn at (201) 740-7098 or