Web-based Faculty In-Service Trainings



Too Good for Drugs and Violence Infusion (Grades 11 – 12)

Web-based Faculty In-Service Trainings:

• Recognizing Child Abuse
• Alcohol and Drug Abuse
• Youth Suicide Awareness
• Youth Suicide Prevention
• Cyberbullying Primer
• Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation
• Education Technology

We are now offering web-based faculty in-service training that meets the increasing demands for professional, cost-effective and appropriate training for faculty and staff while also satisfying the New Jersey State Department of Education’s mandates. We are offering the entire series to schools at the cost of $11.00 per person. Each school district can decide whether they want to have staff trained in any or all of the courses in the series during the school year.

Some of the many benefits of this method of training include:

• Guaranteed Learning – faculty must take internal course quizzes to complete each course.
• Huge potential cost savings – pay one fee per district rather than hiring presenters for multiple sites.
• Time savings – No need to cancel classes for faculty in-service.

Each course was designed specifically to support and maintain healthy and safe school communities. We offer the following courses:

• Adolescents and Substance Abuse
• Bullying, Harassment & Intimidation in Schools
• Child Abuse: An Overview
• Suicide Prevention and Education

Courses are:

• HTML-based and easy to use. All lessons are complete, with no pertinent information left out. Above all, the courses are designed to allow teachers and staff to learn at their own pace.
• Delivered through a secure, web-based platform available at anytime. Teachers/staff log on to a secure website from anywhere within or outside the school system (based on district rules).

Real time reports are available for administrators to track course usage and read course evaluations. At any time, technical support is available and accessible.

If you are interested in more information contact us at (201) 740-7069 or thecenter@cafsnj.org.