The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources provides an extensive amount of free brochures and literature on the topics listed below. All brochures are free unless otherwise noted.

To request a copy of a brochure please contact The Center at (201) 261-2800 or All brochures must be picked up in person at our office 22-08 Route 208 South, Fair Lawn during our regular business hours. The Resource Center is open from 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday.


About Alcoholism
Alcoholics Anonymous Publications
Al-Anon Publications
Alcohol and Energy Drink Mixtures
Alcohol – Problem Punch
Alcohol – Straight Facts: Serious Dangers
Alcopops: Disguised Danger
Binge Drinking
Binge Drinking: Drowning in Alcohol
Faces of Change: Do I have Problem with Alcohol or Drugs?
Facts & Conversations: College & Alcohol
Facts & Conversations: Spring Break & Underage Drinking
50 Things you Should Know about Binge Drinking
Get All the Facts: How Alcohol Affects Your Body
How to tell when Drinking is a Problem
Just the Facts: Binge Drinking in Adolescents & College Students
Rethinking Drinking: Alcohol & Your Health
The Domino Strategy for Responsible Alcohol Use
Tips for Cutting Down on Drinking
Underage Drinking: Myths vs. Facts
What are the Signs of Alcoholism?
What is Your Alcohol I.Q.?


African Americans & Cultural Differences
Alcohol Abuse Spanish
Alcohol & Drug Addiction in Families - Spanish
Alcohol & Older Adults - Spanish
Being A Good Father - Spanish
Bergen County Community Action Partnership - Spanish
Black, Beautiful, & Recovering
Brain’s Response Series - Spanish
Child Care - Spanish
Drugs – A Guide for Families Spanish
Ecstasy & Other Club Drugs - Spanish
How Alcohol Affects Your Body - Spanish
How Smoking Affects Your Baby - Spanish
Keeping Your Teens Drug Free: A guide for Hispanic Families
Little Ways to Love Your Child - Spanish
Marijuana: Facts for Teens - Spanish
Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know - Spanish
Parents: Speak to Kids About Alcohol - Spanish
Parents & Underage Access to Alcohol - Spanish
Rx Drug Abuse Spanish
Stop Smoking: A Plan the Works - Bilingual
Street Drugs
Survival Guide for Parents - Spanish
Suspect Your Teen is Using Drugs? - Spanish
Talking With Your Kids About Using Alcohol - Spanish
Teens & Alcohol- Spanish
The Truth About Substance Use During Pregnancy - Spanish
Tobacco - Spanish (x2)
When A Baby Cries - Spanish
Your Child Needs You – Chinese


31 Facts You Need to Know about Ecstasy and Other Club Drugs
41 Things Everyone Should Know About Marijuana
Abuse of Prescription and OTC Drugs
Alcohol, Drugs, and Date Rape
Anabolic Steroids
Brain’s Response to Hallucinogens
Brain’s Response to Inhalants
Brain’s Response to Marijuana
Brain’s Response to Methamphetamines
Brain’s Response to Opiates
Brain’s Response to Steroids
Brain’s Response to Stimulants
Cocaine & Crack
Cocaine – Fantasy & Nightmare
Drugs, Alcohol and HIV/AIDS
Drugs: Shatter The Myths
Facts about Prescription Drug Abuse
Legalizing Marijuana
Marijuana Facts for Teens
Marijuana Quiz
Marijuana – the Life of a Pot Smoker
Methamphetamine: It’s Everybody’s Problem
Not Worth the Risk, Even if It’s Legal
Prescription Drugs: How Much Do You Know?
Preventing Teen Cough Medicine Abuse
Rx Danger Zones
The Dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse
The Real Truth About Rx & OTC Medicine Abuse
Tips For Teens: Club Drugs
Tips for Teens: Cocaine
Tips for Teens: Hallucinogens
Tips for Teens: Heroin
Tips for Teens: Inhalants
Tips for Teens: Marijuana
Tips for Teens: Methamphetamines
Tips for Teens: Steroids
Tips for Teens: HIV/AIDS


Gambling Addiction Info
Gambling Away the Golden Years


50 Things You Should Know About Eating Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Co-Occurring Disorders
Coping with Child Abuse
Mental Disorders
Mental Illness: What Everyone Should Know
Panic Anxiety
Self-Harm & Cutting
Suicide & Depression
Tips for Helping Students Recovering from Traumatic Events


A Family History of Alcoholism Are You At Risk?
A Grandparent’s Handbook: Raising Your Grandchild
About Single Parenting
Alcohol and Addiction Can Happen in the Best of Families
Alcohol Information for Families
Being a Good Father
Chatting With Kids About Being Online
Child Care: Is Your Child Safe? Happy? Learning?
Child Welfare & Substance Use Disorders
Children’s Crisis Help Cards
Crucial Conversations and Drugs
Do You Speak Teen?
Facts & Conversations: Parents, Adults, & Mentors Talking about alcohol and your teens
Facts & Conversations: Parents & Underage Access to Alcohol
Facts & Conversations: Prom, Graduation & Alcohol
Facts & Conversations: Talking to Teens about Peer Pressure
Facts & Conversations: Talking to Teens Underage Drinking
Facts & Conversations: Tough Questions from Parents on Teens & Alcohol
Growing Up Drug Free
How Can I Tell if My Child is Using Drugs?
How to Talk to Your Adolescent About Alcohol
How Real Parents Talk to Their Kids
Internet Safety
It Feels so Bad – Parents Who Drink/Use Drugs
It’s Not Your Fault!
Keeping Youth Drug Free
Keeping Your Kids Drug-Free
Kids & Alcohol Don’t Mix
Little Ways to Love Your Children
Make a Difference
Making it Easier on You and Your Kids
Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know
Navigating the Teen Years
Parents – The Anti-Drug
Parents – The Anti-Drug; Parents of African Americans
Parents Who Host Lose The Most
Preventing Drug Use Among Children & Adolescents
Preventing Inhalant Abuse
Raising your Grandchild
Start Talking Before They Start Drinking
Survival Guide For parents
Suspect your Teen is Using Drugs or Drinking?
Talking with Teens and Preteens
Time Out Tips for Children
To Prevent & Reduce Underage Drinking--A Guide to Action for Families
Wake Up to the Risks of Marijuana
What Every Parent Can Do
When It’s Not Your Kid: Drug Use & Drinking
You Can Help – A Guide for working with Young People
Your Child Needs You!
Your Time, Their Future


Abused Pharmaceutical Substances
Common Drugs of Abuse – Quest Diagnostics
ID Guide
Making an Impact: A play by play guide to keeping student athletes drug-free
Meth Labs in Our Communities
Physician’s Guide to Helping Patients with Alcohol Problems
Quick Guide for Clinicians: Substance abuse Treatment for Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders
The Science of Addiction
To Prevent & Reduce Underage Drinking – A Guide to Action for Communities
To Prevent & Reduce Underage Drinking – A Guide to Action for Educators


AARP: My Personal Medication Record
AgePage: A Good Night’s Sleep
AgePage: Aging and Your Eyes/Hearing Loss
AgePage: Alcohol Use & Abuse
AgePage: Exercise & Physical Activity/ Online Health Information
AgePage: Forgetfulness: Knowing When to Ask for Help
AgePage: Medicines: Use Them Safely
AgePage: Menopause/ Dietary Supplements
AgePage: Older Drivers
AgePage: Skin Care & Aging/ HIV/AIDS & Older People/ Sexuality in Later Life
AgePage: Smell & Taste
AgePage: Smoking
Aging, Medicines and Alcohol
Alcohol and Older Adults
Be Prepaid for Medical Appointments
Community Assistance Program: Prescription Drug Discount Card
Good Mental Health is Ageless
Harmful Interactions: Mixing Alcohol with Medications
How to Talk to an Older Person Who Has a Problem With Alcohol or Medications
Learning how Aging affects sleep as we grow older
Medicines Made Easy
Older Adults and Alcohol/ Active Ingredients for a Healthy Lifestyle
Older Adults and Substance Use Disorders Safe Use of Medicines
Senior Citizens & Family Resources
Talking with Your Doctor
Understanding Risk
Using Your Medicines Wisely
Wellness Initiatives for Senior Education
Your Medicine: Play It Safe


Communication for Couples: Tips for Military Members & Their Families
Parenting children with Disabilities
Reuniting with Children: Tips for Military Families
Roads 2 Recovery: Disability and Coexisting Substance Abuse
Single Service Members: Reintegrating
Stress Management for Military Members
Substance Use Disorders & Disability
What Does it Mean to Be Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender?


Donnie Dinosaur’s Tobacco Trouble Coloring Books
Drug-free Comic Books
Drugs & the Body – It isn’t Pretty – Poster
Heads Up: Real News About Drugs & Your Body
Hero’s Don’t Use Drugs & Alcohol Bookmarks
McGruff’s Surprise Party
Not For Me! Coloring Book
The Reflection of a Positive Choice
Too Good for Drugs


Health Care – The Right Questions to Ask
Know Your Rights
Narcotics Anonymous
New Jersey Prevention Network
Screening for Substance Abuse
The Ladder Project
What is Substance Abuse Treatment?


Drinking & Driving
Is It Worth It?
Kids, Cars & Marijuana
One Drink Can Be Too Many
Teen Drinking & Driving


Actually, Quitters Do Win
Brain’s Response to Nicotine
Cleaning the Air
Clear Horizons & Tobacco
Deciding How to Quit
I Quit
Pushing Smoke
Secondhand Smoke: What it Means to You
Smoking, Tobacco, & Health
The Cold Hard Facts about Dip
The Decision is Yours
The Smoke Around You
Tips for Teens: Tobacco
Tobacco: Miscellaneous
What you(th) should know about Tobacco
Winning the Fight Against Tobacco


20 Ways to Prevent Violence
About Alcohol, Other Drugs, & Family Violence
Anger Management
Bullying: It Hurts Everyone
Cyber Bullying
How to Express Anger
How Violence in the Family Affects Children
Parents’ Guide to Gangs
School Violence


Alcohol & Women
Cause & Defect: Drinking, Drugs, & Pregnancy
Drinking & Your Pregnancy
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
How Smoking Affects Your Baby
I’d Never thought I’d Get Pregnant
Living Smoke Free for You & Your Baby
Safe Homes Protection Act
Shaken Baby Syndrome
The Facts About Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
The Truth About Substance Use During Pregnancy
What You Should Know About Teen Parenthood
Women’s Mental Health
You Can Hurt Your Unborn Baby