Our Team

Our dedicated staff work to build a healthy Bergen County. We work hard to ensure programs and services are of the highest quality; whether it is a caller's need for referral information, working with families and youth, recovery support, or providing information to community stakeholders.


Ellen Elias, MA, CPS

Sr. VP Prevention and Community Services

201-740-7112 / eelias@cafsnj.org 


Chanel Dupree

Administrative Assistant

201-740-7069 / cdupree@cafsnj.org


School and Family Services

Stephanie Drag, MA, LAC

Director, School and Family Services

201-740-7096 / sdrag@cafsnj.org


Jonathan Augustin, MPH

Prevention Specialist

201-740-7149 / jaugustin@cafsnj.org


Shyra Aultmon

Prevention Specialist

201-740-7148 / saultmon@cafsnj.org


Zakia Clements

Prevention Specialist

201-740-7099 / zclements@cafsnj.org


Marigrace Flynn

Prevention Specialist

201-740-7098 / mflynn@cafsnj.org


Bridget Souza

Prevention Specialist

201-740-7098 / bsouza@cafsnj.org


Jan Ramos, CHES

Prevention Specialist

201-740-7081 / jramos@cafsnj.org


Lannie Jaconia, CSSW

EPIC Parenting and Education Support Program

201-740-7110 / ljaconia@cafsnj.org


Coalition and Community Services

Robin Wanner, MSEd

Director, Coalition and Community Services

201-740-7097 / rwanner@cafsnj.org


Mike Silverman, MA, SAC

Coordinator, Bergen County Prevention Coalition 

201-740-7095 / msilverman@cafsnj.org


Ashley Sudol, CHES

Outreach Coordinator, Bergen County Prevention Coalition

201-740-7109 / asudol@cafsnj.org


Kathi Viola

Coordinator, Garfield Prevention Coalition

201-740-7083 / kviola@cafsnj.org


Recovery Support Services

Elaine Hernandez, LSW

Director, Recovery Support Services

201-740-7150 / ehernandez@cafsnj.org



Patient Navigator

551-500-7560 / 


John Paul Jurbala

Recovery Specialist



Alex Roth, CPRS

Recovery Specialist



Daniel Robinson

Recovery Specialist