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What is one of the most important lessons you have learned in your life?

Food for Thought

What is your favorite season and why?

Summer is my favorite time. Why? Long days, beautiful flowers, beach breezes, outdoor living. But the most important reason is that, as an educator, summer is when I could spend leisure time with my children, family and friends! - Dawn

Where would you travel to and why?

Japan , because we always wanted to see this country and Greece due to old history – Inessa

What is something that you do to care for yourself?

After enjoying a delicious meal I prepared, I luv to sit in the sun with my favorite sounds in the background, writing cards (birthday, hello, get well, etc.). I also exercise on zoom with the great classes from your Center❣️ - Malikah

I like to color and play my radio while I’m coloring. Helps me to focus and relax which at my old age of 90 can be difficult at times. – Clara

What is your favorite book and why?

I am such a book lover that it's impossible to choose only one, but I've always loved Betty MacDonald's Anybody Can do Anything - an hilarious memoir, centred mostly on her many jobs during the Depression. Betty had a flair for taking situations which often were far from funny, and seeing the humour in them. I am inclined to think my own looks at the humorous side of life were inspired, to some extent, but Betty's being able to laugh despite, for example, poverty, being a young, divorced mother during the Depression, even having TB! - Elizabeth

December: What is a small goal you can set for yourself for 2021?

I haven't a clue where to find this, but I must find some people with whom to have fun. There must be someone out there who still laughs! I want a full-scale party. – Elizabeth

Stay active by doing stretching every morning and take at least one mile walk every day. - Inessa

November: What is your favorite holiday memory?

May 9 1945, when my Father announced that the war is over. He was so handsome stating on the podium on crouches under his arms, very happy and almost crying. I was five years old and in this moment I felt that the entire world is shining. Never forget. –Claudia

My most cherished memory is of spending the millennium with dear friends in London (we used to be together each Christmas week.) One of my friends was a vicar, and his church had a wonderful dinner, after which my boyfriend and I went to Trafalgar Square to hear Big Ben toll in 2000. I'm sorry to say that most of my friends have died, and I'm far from those who are left, but I'm grateful for the joys I once had. - Elizabeth

October: What is one thing you are thankful for this year?

The fact that my family has been able to gather in my back yard and we have been able to meet in person and celebrate our connections. - Arline

My wonderful family being there for us and protecting us. – Inessa

GRATEFUL for my family and friends who truly ❤ me - Sandra

I am grateful for the healthy birth of my beautiful granddaughter Lilit. - Dawn

Being/Staying Alive & Well! - Malikah

For all that it has its dark side (air warfare, bombs), I am deeply grateful for technology, including medical advances. During COVID, I've found great value in the Internet and social media. The resources for both study and entertainment are marvelous. I live alone, as many seniors do, and I've found a wealth of contact, lectures, films, and the like to be a great blessing. Resources for research are astonishing. Your Zumba, plus programmes from Sequoia, have been 'brought right into my living room' with Wifi. - Elizabeth

September: What would people be surprised to know about you?

I was born in ST. John'a,Newfoundland . When I was born it was under Canadian rule. When my mother was born there it was under British rule. So technically she was born in Britain and was a subject of Britain whereas I am Canadian. - Tamar

I am both a jester and a scholar. I love to laugh more than anything, and am sorry there aren't more opportunities to do so. Everyone seems so caught up in gems from Dr Oz or Dr Phil, screening tests, cholesterol, and exercise that they can't even admit to dancing without saying they 'justify' it as part of a fitness programme. Rubbish - we need to get enjoyment where we can. Heavens, hardly anyone except me danced at the Purim party - and when would that be solemn (unless one were Haman)?

I'm a bit quiet about my scholarly side, because much knowledge I had I acquired over many years, and I'd need extensive reviewing to be able to 'quote chapter and verse.' I have intellectual background in the arts, the humanities, and Abrahamic studies, and hold four university degrees. Yet I don't like it to turn into a contest. - Elizabeth


August: What is a piece of wisdom that you would you like to hand down to others?

Give people the benefit of a doubt. You never know what they may be dealing with. – Dawn

Calm down, stop the name calling and love one another, all told before, and you will have a much healthier and happier life.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is an extremely wonderful way to live. - Joan


July: Who in history do you admire and why?

I admire Eleanor Roosevelt. She was a woman before her time. She traveled as the eyes and ears of her husband. A column she wrote for a newspaper was always interesting and thought provoking. My daughter remembers I spoke of my admiration over forty year ago and it hasn’t wavered. - Arlene


June: What is your favorite summer time activity?

Our family vacation in one big house at a lake or at the ocean where three generations of our family swim, and laugh, and play; sharing love and memories! - Lannie

My favorite summer time activity is gardening! - Susan


May: What is the proudest moment of your life?

Besides the day we brought our children into the world, it has to be giving back. It is so rewarding to give and to support people in need and also to support our Healthcare workers! - Linda

My proudest moment in my life was when I gave birth to my two daughters. - Antoinette

My proudest moment was when my band, “Fresh Fish” appeared on the nationally syndicated “Joe Franklin TV Show” and my grandmother called me from Florida to tell me that she had seen her grandson on TV.  – Alan

For me its more about moments, meeting my granndson, Jeezy, for the first time. Watching Jeezy, who is on the spectrum, excel in school (Honor Student), learn to play the drums &  guitar, achieve his green belt in  Karate, and he's only 9 years old. I  beam with pride when I  think of this smart, loveable child & his desire and determination, to be the best. My weekly highlight is every Friday at 6pm, when he FaceTimes me. - Andre

Each time I can effect growth, transformation, and momentum in myself and another. - Amy

I am most proud of my contributions to helping vulnerable children and families  over my 50 year career as a clinical social worker, advocate, and administrator in child welfare systems of care. - Rose Zeltser ,  Senior Vice President Children’s Aid and Family Services

The joy of watching our children parent their children. - Anne