Older Adult Programs

Our Senior Services programs aim to improve positive health behaviors related to lifestyle choices, healthcare empowerment, and proper use of prescriptions and over the counter medications.

Wellness Initiative For Senior Education (WISE)

This 6-session program celebrates healthy aging by educating older adults about the positive aspects of growing older, maintaining a positive attitude and developing a comprehensive plan for working with all your health care professionals. Participants gain an understanding of common aging issues so they can avoid problems associated with the interaction of over-the-counter, prescription medication, herbal remedies and alcohol while supporting their ability to make positive lifestyle choices as they age.

Each session covers a new topic, such as myths around aging, positive focus, medicines and interactions, creating a health plan for managing your relationships with health care professionals, and creating goals and making the best use of your life experiences and wisdom. Participants are provided with ample opportunity for interaction, participation and discussion.

Program Length: 6 sessions; 2 hours each

Audience: Seniors 55+

Alternative Approaches to Pain Management (AAPMOA)

Alternative Approaches to Pain Management (AAPMOA) is  a comprehensive education program for older adults on alternative approaches to pain management. The focus of this program is to provide education and resources to older adults around alternatives to opioids for pain management such as  exercise, ice/heat therapy, aromatherapy, massage, etc.  

Program Length: Various Options

Audiences: Seniors 55+