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OORP-Opioid Overdose Recovery Program: A response team that meets those suffering from Opioid Use Disorder at bedside after a Narcan Reversal to offer the client an opportunity to engage in treatment. This is an eight week program that aims to link the client to short term treatment to begin the road to recovery.

OORPE- Opioid Overdose Recovery Program EXPANSION- is an expansion of OORP that extends the same services to those suffering from Opioid Use Disorder who have not been reverse via NARCAN.

STAR- Support Team for Addiction Recovery: This is a partnership with Care Plus New Jersey and New Bridge Medical Center for clients who have an identified Opioid Use Disorder and/or are OORP participants and/or have recently been released from Bergen County Jail or Prison and/or discharged from a licensed DHMAS program and agree to reside in Bergen County. This program aims to guide these individuals through their first year of their recovery process by providing them with a Recovery Specialist and Case Manager who work together to bring the client’s plan of recovery to fruition. 

HART- Heroin Addiction Recovery Team: A joint effort with the Lyndhurst and Westwood Police Department that will allow anyone suffering from Heroin Addiction to walk into the Lyndhurst or Westwood Police Station Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm to receive help for their addiction.

CRAFT- Community Reinforcement and Family Training: is a skill based support group offering tools to either an individual or group basis for anyone who has a loved one actively suffering from addiction. This group aims to provide insight and understanding on the best ways to support an active loved one as well as gain support for oneself in the process.

Not Even Once: is a three day Education program that services community schools to provide education on drug use and addiction from the direct perspectives of law enforcement and those in recovery. This three day process provides education and first hand stories from law enforcement and someone in recovery.

Operation Helping Hands: is partnership with the Bergen County Prosecutors Office, New Bridge Medical Center and The Center that offers those who have recently been arrested for a drug related offense an opportunity to engage in treatment as a means to rehabilitate themselves before facing harsh legal penalties. This program is not part of NJ Drug Court and is offered quarterly through the year.