What is Recovery Support Services?


Recovery Support is .....................

Who makes up the team?

Recovery Specialists: Upon receiving notification by the dispatch center, the RS will meet the patient at bedside to establish a supportive relationship and help motivate them to accept treatment. Recovery Specialists are uniquely qualified, as they are in their own process of recovery from substance use disorder and understand first hand about addiction and recovery. The Recovery Specialist’s will support the patient though the first critical 8 weeks of recovery by face to face meetings, telephone calls and continuous encouragement and support.

Patient Navigator: The OORP’s full time Clinician fulfills the role as Patient Navigator. They link the patient with appropriate treatment and recovery services. They provide case management services in the life domains of housing, finances, healthcare, legal, employment and family needs. They also collaborate with treatment and detoxification provider to ensure the best coordination of care for the individual in need.

Case Manager:

Program Coordinator:

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