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May: What is the proudest moment of your life?

Besides the day we brought our children into the world, it has to be giving back. It is so rewarding to give and to support people in need and also to support our Healthcare workers! - Linda

My proudest moment in my life was when I gave birth to my two daughters. - Antoinette

My proudest moment was when my band, “Fresh Fish” appeared on the nationally syndicated “Joe Franklin TV Show” and my grandmother called me from Florida to tell me that she had seen her grandson on TV.  – Alan

For me its more about moments, meeting my granndson, Jeezy, for the first time. Watching Jeezy, who is on the spectrum, excel in school (Honor Student), learn to play the drums &  guitar, achieve his green belt in  Karate, and he's only 9 years old. I  beam with pride when I  think of this smart, loveable child & his desire and determination, to be the best. My weekly highlight is every Friday at 6pm, when he FaceTimes me. - Andre

Each time I can effect growth, transformation, and momentum in myself and another. - Amy

I am most proud of my contributions to helping vulnerable children and families  over my 50 year career as a clinical social worker, advocate, and administrator in child welfare systems of care. - Rose Zeltser ,  Senior Vice President Children’s Aid and Family Services

The joy of watching our children parent their children. - Anne


June: What is your favorite summer time activity?

Our family vacation in one big house at a lake or at the ocean where three generations of our family swim, and laugh, and
play; sharing love and memories! - Lannie

My favorite summer time activity is gardening! - Susan



July: Who in history do you admire and why?


"Walk With Me "...

Come walk with me

While I age

And I will walk with you.


We'll link our arms,

With hands entwined

And marvel at the view!


I'll listen to your stories

And you will laugh at mine...


When we are with each other

There's no such thing as time!


We'll talk about our home town;

that quaint, idilic place


 Where we dreamed big, learned many things!

And laughed, and cried, and played!


We'll talk about our families

And hard choices that we've made.


We'll share pictures of our grandkids

And express our inner thoughts


We'll stay away from politics

So we don't rock the boat.


There is no greater treasure,

Than the gift you've been to me!


Tho, I still believe, as someone said,

"Our best is yet to be!"


And when old age smiles down on us,

And  we're too old to walk


My dear friend, we won't be stopped!

We'll just sit and talk!

-Lannie Jaconia