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Parent and Family Programs

Sometimes families need extra help. We are here to help family members grow existing strengths and nurture their relationships.

Strengthening Families Program

The Strengthening Families Program for parents and youth is delivered over seven or fourteen weeks in parent, youth, and family sessions that are highly interactive and include role-playing, discussions, learning games, and family projects. This family skills program is designed to delay the onset of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, increase resistance to peer pressure, and improve parent management skills. Families are provided with dinner, free babysitting, transportation (if needed), and a $100 Visa Gift Card upon graduation.

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Every Person Influences Children (EPIC)

Through participation in the  EPIC program parents experience increased confidence, more positive view of their role as a parent, and the greater the levels of interaction with their children, improved relationships with their children, and gain a set of skills to use as their children grow. This allows for children to become better prepared for school and personal success.

The EPIC program has been recognized countywide and statewide for being cost efficient, results oriented, and parent friendly.

**Counts for mandated parenting class**



Cost: $240 (Call about sliding scale)

Program Length: 12 sessions; 2 hours each

Audience: Anyone involved in a child's life

For more information on this program contact Lannie Jaconia at  201-740-7110 or at


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Family Support Group: Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT)

Do you love someone who is struggling with the misuse of alcohol or drugs?

The CRAFT support group is a supportive and skill-based approach to building better communication with loved ones who have any kind of addiction.

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Family Fridays/ Actividad Familiar

During this time of social distancing, it can become challenging to come up with new activity ideas. This has inspired our "Family Friday" activities. New activities that your family can do together will be posted every Friday on this web page along with all of our social media channels.  

Durante este tiempo de distanciamiento social, se puede hace difícil, inventar nuevas actividades. Esto, es lo que ha inspirado nuestra “Actividad Familiar” de los Viernes. Vamos a estar trayendo nuevas actividades, para toda la familia, todos los viernes. Estas actividades las pueden encontrar en esta página y en todas nuestras otras paginas sociales.