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Our programs for professionals are interactive presentations around topics such as; what school professionals need to know about substance misuse and work - life balance. 

Tackling Opioids through Prevention for Athletes (TOP)


“Young adults who participate in athletics may be at greater risk to engage in nonmedical prescription opioid use because of their greater risk of injury or because of a greater opportunity to receive diverted opioid medications from teammates."   Journal of Adolescent Health, 2013

This toolkit provides key information to school administrators and communities to support best practices for student athletes in an effort to reduce the use and misuse of prescription opioids among this high risk population. 


For more information contact Kaetlynn Ayala at 201-740-7109 or



We offer inservices for schools on a wide variety of topics such as:

- Rising Over the Vapor: A training for stakeholders

- Life of a Middle Schooler: A program for teachers, school personnel, and community members

- Hidden in the Desk

- Emerging Drug Trends


Coping with Work and Family Stress

Coping with Work and Family Stress is a program designed to teach adults 18 years and older how to deal with stressors at work and at home through behavioral, social and cognitive strategies. This evidence-based program is a model program from Yale University. It is an interactive presentation based on group participation. 

Program Length: 8 or 16 weeks; 2 hours per session

Audience: 18+

If you are interested in more information or would like to register for this program please contact Marigrace Flynn at (201) 740-7098 or

If your school would like more information, please contact Devlynn Ferguson at (201) 740-7069 or