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Good Samaritan Law

This social media campaign, “Good Samaritan” was created by teens for teens to educate about what the Good Samaritan law is and how it works. Download the campaign toolkit which includes the post order, language, images, and hashtags. 

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This campaign was funded through the Bergen County Office of Alcohol and Drug Dependency.

Good Samaritan Social Media Preview and Toolkit


Day One

Don’t walk away from someone who is overdosing. New Jersey’s Good Samaritan Law protects you from getting into trouble with the law if you get help. #goodsamaritan #stopstheODs #empowerpeers

Day Two

Know the signs of alcohol poisoning! You can save a life.

#GoodSamaritan  #StopTheODs #EmpowerPeers

Day Three

Did you know that Naloxone (Narcan) is a life saving emergency response tool that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose? Ask us how YOU (18+) can get Narcan!

If you or a loved one needs help with accessing addiction services and support, call or text 201-589-2976. Hotline services are available 24/

#GoodSamaritan  #StopTheODs #EmpowerPeers

Day Four

 Don’t run, call 911! Follow 3 steps to save a life.

#GoodSamaritan  #StopTheODs #EmpowerPeers

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