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What's Your Natural High?

This social media campaign, “What’s Your Natural High?” was created by teens for teens and promotes substance free activities that make you feel good. Download the campaign toolkit which includes the post order, language, images, and hashtags. 

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This campaign was funded through the Bergen County Office of Alcohol and Drug Dependency.

Natural Highs Social Media Preview and Toolkit


Day One

Now is always a good time to try something new! Why not discover your natural high? What is a natural high? A natural high comes from any activity that makes you feel good but doesn't involve drugs. #Empowerpeers #Whatsyournaturalhigh

Day Two

Why choose a natural high? When you choose an artificial or “drug high” you are tricking your brain into releasing feel good chemicals like dopamine and when you come down from that high your brain reacts with stress. A natural high does all this naturally and keeps you feeling happy longer. #Empowerpeers #Whatsyournaturalhigh

Day Three

What are the benefits? A natural high is something that makes you feel good without the use of drugs or alcohol. When you find your natural high, you are finding your passion, something that makes you feel motivated and drives you towards success. #Empowerpeers #Whatsyournaturalhigh

Day Four

Not sure if you have a natural high, these are some examples of natural highs! #Empowerpeers #Whatsyournaturalhigh


Day Five

What’s your natural high? Still not sure if you have a natural high, which kind is right for you? Swipe to find yours! #Empowerpeers #Whatsyournaturalhigh

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