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Social Media Toolkits

We are proud to share these free and easy to use social media toolkits. Each campaign toolkit includes the post order, language, images, and hashtags. 

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Natural Highs Campaign

Why choose a natural high? When you choose an artificial or “drug high” you are tricking your brain into releasing feel good chemicals like dopamine and when you come down from that high your brain reacts with stress. A natural high does all this naturally and keeps you feeling happy longer. 

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#KnowTheFacts - Marijuana Legalization Campaign

New Jersey has passed laws allowing for recreational use of marijuana but what does the legalization of marijuana really mean. Governor Murphy outlined specific rules regarding use and possession.

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Good Samaritan Law Campaign

The Good Samaritan Law encourages bystanders and witnesses to freely contact emergency workers without fear of repercussion or legal liability. As a result, a person who in good faith attempts to obtain medical help after experiencing a drug overdose has legal immunity from arrest, charges, or prosecution with respect to the substance.

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#Papaya - Youth Mental Health Campaign

Meet Papaya, the new EPIC Mental Health mascot. Papaya works hard to help teens understand mental health, how to get help, and let them know they are not alone. According to the CDC, poor mental health in teens can impact many areas of a teen’s life. It may cause teens to struggle with school and grades, decision making, and their health. Additionally, mental health problems in teens often go hand-in-hand with other health and behavioral risks like drug use, violence, and higher risk sexual behaviors. 

Available in Spanish

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