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This response team meets those who have survived an opioid overdose after a Naloxone administration at the client's hospital bedside to offer an opportunity to engage in treatment. This is an eight week program that aims to link the client to treatment and begin the road to recovery.

How does a Recovery Specialist Get Deployed?

All hospitals in Bergen County participate in this program. Hospital staff, EMTs and law enforcement officers will contact a central dispatch center after an individual who overdosed has been revived by Naloxone and has been brought to the Emergency Department. The central dispatch center will contact the Recovery Specialist. The Recovery Specialist is then deployed to the hospital 24/7.

After obtaining consent from the patient, conversation is initiated by the Recovery Specialist. Using Motivation interviewing the Recovery Specialist will assess the patient stage of change offering services based upon the clients willingness to accept care. The ultimate goal is to move the client quickly through the stages of change into action and link them to resources and provide at least 8 weeks of follow-up support.